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This drawing is called "Purple Tree Appreciation." It measures 8" x 6."

Nina Kuriloff ~ Fine ArtNina Kuriloff ~ Fine ArtNina Kuriloff ~ Fine ArtNina Kuriloff ~ Fine Art

Welcome to Nina's website & view her series of Fantasy Trees, abstract artwork, and stylized female nudes.

About Me

About Me


The drawing above is a surrealistic rendition of an imaginary woman, that I, Nina Kuriloff, created.

Despite my classical art education, I draw and paint with a surrealistic edge and my imagination plays a key role in my artwork.

I love nature, including plants; the sky and cloud formations; as well as bodies of water.

And, I am particularly drawn to organic forms, such as those found in nature and the human body.

The ©Nina Kuriloff that you see on all of my artwork here, is not on my actual artwork, but is only on the internet to prevent copyright infringement.

There is free shipping for original artwork within the U.S.

Please contact me for the cost of shipping to the country in which you live.

Regarding Commissions:

I do commissions that are based on my nude artwork in the following sizes and prices:

4" x 6" - $72

6" x 6" - $108

6" x 8" - $144

8" x 8" - $192

*And, I often make prints from the images that are commissioned.

Here is a sample of Nina's trees, abstracts & female nudes..

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